What Are Your Floor Decals Made Of?

Floor decals are large stickers on the floor. They are printed on printed vinyl with three layers: the base layer is a flexible substrate, which holds the printed design in place, and a second layer called an anti-skid laminate coating, or matte mask, provides a non-slip surface. And a third layer is a strong adhesive. Here’s a closer look at these layers.


While traditional signs can take up valuable wall space and may limit design options, floor advertising decals are an excellent alternative. These vinyl graphics are affordable and completely customizable. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can help to improve the shopping environment and make the most of empty floor space. They can also be used as temporary decorations. Read on to floor round decals Niles IL to learn more about the many uses of vinyl floor decals. This article provides an overview of some of the most common uses of floor graphics.

Floor decals are adhesive graphics made of 3.4-mil vinyl. They’re thin enough to withstand foot traffic yet thick enough to be seen on a floor without obstructing foot traffic. Vinyl floor decals can last up to five years if cared for properly. They’re also easy to remove. Vinyl floor decals are perfect for advertising, guiding customers, and adding color to bare floors.

When placing vinyl floor decals, ensure that the area is dry and clean. Make sure there have been no recent treatments or polishing on the floor. Once the surface is ready, place the graphic. If scuff marks appear, use a scratch-free cleaning pad to remove them. If they persist, a floor graphic will need to be removed. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is best to ensure a durable application.

Self-adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl for floors is used for flooring applications. It is a durable, waterproof vinyl that sticks well to any surface and is certified slip-resistant. Floor decals are perfect for indoor and outdoor locations and can last several years if cared for properly. Vinyl floor graphics are also removable and can be easily removed by lifting the corners of the design.

This material is highly flexible and can be cut to fit any surface. It is suitable for use on most smooth and curved surfaces. It can be used in the digital printing press and for flooring tiles. It is waterproof, and it can withstand temperatures up to 75 degC. You can purchase a self-adhesive floor decal in various colors and designs to suit your space and budget.

It is important to clean the surface of the floor before installing a self-adhesive vinyl for floor graphics. In addition, it is essential to let the surface dry before applying the decal. For larger decals, two people are necessary. First, remove the protective adhesive backing. Next, slowly apply the decal. Make sure there are no bubbles and that the vinyl decal is applied over the entire surface.

Vinyl over-laminate

Vinyl over-laminate floor decal printing is a durable and cost-effective way to create attractive floor graphics. These decals are made of 3.4 mil vinyl that’s printed with UV-cured ink. They are resistant to abrasion and can last for up to five years if cared for properly. In addition, vinyl over-laminate floor decals can be removed and are perfect for in-store promotions and directional needs, like in warehouses and stores.

Vinyl over-laminate floor graphics are designed and printed by the same company. Therefore, the manufacturer of over-laminate and vinyl must be the same. Printers who create floor graphics for an organization supply the finished product to a conversion company like Converting Solutions. Be sure to provide the printer’s name and spec sheet of laminate and print-on material. The converter will use a process that ensures color, die-cutting, and application accuracy.

If you plan to install vinyl over-laminate floor decals, preparing your floors for them before installing them is essential. A solid hardwood floor has many seams and wide gaps between floorboards, usually caused by water damage. Make sure to fill any low or high spots with sandpaper before applying vinyl over-laminate floor decals. In addition, scuff marks left by strollers and shopping carts on the floor can easily be removed by using a scratch-free cleaning pad.

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