Services a Bail Bond Company Can Provide

You are probably familiar with the term bondsman or bail bond. But are you familiar with how bail bonds work? Do you know what other services a bail bond company provides? It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the services offered prior to needing the services.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond company is available to help those in jail get out legally before appearing in court for a trial. Typically, a hearing is set to establish a bail amount. The bondsman will take your information and provide the necessary dollar amount to the court. A percentage of the bail amount is charged to you as a fee. The court holds the bail money.

The bail money is returned to the bondsman if the requirements are met. If not, the individual who bailed out the person will have a specific period of time to pay back the bond.

Fugitive Recovery

This aspect of the bail bond company’s service applies when the person implicated in a crime does not show up for court and has fled. Typically, agents for fugitive recovery North Carolina have a law enforcement background and claim to have about an 88% to 91% success rate. The usual methods for finding these fugitives are through background and criminal record checks, surveillance, and the many online tools available today.

Additional Services

Some bail bond companies may offer additional services in addition to the traditional bail bonds and fugitive recovery. Delivering legal documents in-person to an individual is one of those services. They may also provide private investigator-type services.

Whatever specific service you need, make sure you research the company thoroughly. Check to ensure the company is licensed to offer the services provided. Leave the rest to the professionals so you can have comfort knowing that you or your loved one is supported.

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