Benefits of Getting a Real Estate Survey

When asking yourself, “should I sell my home or land” a land survey provides you with a detailed description of your land or land you may be thinking about purchasing. Although a survey can occur at any time, they are most often conducted when something is going to be constructed on the land, such as a home or office building. These are the benefits of having your land surveyed.

Ensure Property Value

If you are considering a land purchase, you need to be sure that the land is worth the purchase price. In fact, surveys are often required by mortgage companies to ensure the property’s value, so if you are financing your purchase, a survey may be required. Therefore, you need to find a local surveying company.

Identify Land’s History

The initial research stage of your land survey will also include a title search and will look into the history of the property, so you can find out about any liens against the property or any damage that has been done in the past, both of which may affect its value. For example, if the site was used as a junkyard and the land was contaminated by automobile fluids, you may be required to treat it before you are allowed to build.

Identify Property Lines

Most landowners hire surveyors to find their land’s boundary lines. This may be done to prepare for a building project, install fencing or have a road or driveway paved. This boundary survey will reveal whether the property’s description is accurate. It will also find easements, rights-of-way, overlaps, gaps and abandoned roads that may affect your plans for the property and its value.

Investigate the Legality of Existing Structures

Your surveyor will also review all the existing structures, roads and other improvements to your land to ensure that they were done legally and meet existing code requirements. You will receive a list of any code or law violations.

Whether you are purchasing a piece of land or you are preparing to build or change the land you own, protect yourself and your investment by getting a land survey.

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