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    Protect You Income with Disability Insurance

    Disability can happen to anyone. It can strike as an unwelcome visitor when you least expect it. It is especially serious for those who are family breadwinners because long-term disability effectively snuffs out the earning power of their human capital. Many people are totally unprepared for disabilities and the financial consequences that can befall them. Indeed, certain groups of workers, independent contractors, for example, can be especially prone to damaging financial conditions if disabled. Protect your income. If you are concerned about the problems that disability may pose, please research disability income insurance. Basics of a Disability Plan In short, a disability insurance policy pays a portion of your income because…

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    Services a Bail Bond Company Can Provide

    You are probably familiar with the term bondsman or bail bond. But are you familiar with how bail bonds work? Do you know what other services a bail bond company provides? It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the services offered prior to needing the services. Bail Bonds A bail bond company is available to help those in jail get out legally before appearing in court for a trial. Typically, a hearing is set to establish a bail amount. The bondsman will take your information and provide the necessary dollar amount to the court. A percentage of the bail amount is charged to you as a fee. The…

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    4 Interior Design Trends That Are Past Their Prime

    Home deisgn and decoratin gtredns come and go. Unfortunately, some seem to stay well past their time. Consider these four trends that have passed their prime and are ready for retirement.  1. Modern Farmhouse Chic This style, characterized by shiplap and wood plank walls, barn doors, and iron accents, was made popular by a host of DIY home improvement shows. However, most home designers agree that, unless you actually live in a barn, it is better to install a regular door instead of one on rails. If space constraints have you considering a barn door, look into pocket doors as an attractive alternative.  2. Millenial Pink While there is some…

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    Insurance Coverage Your Business May Need

    Now that you’re in the process of setting up your small business, you need to think about insurance coverage (among many other things). Read on to learn about some insurance options you may have overlooked. Commercial Property Insurance If you own or rent a space for your business, then you need to cover it with a commercial property insurance policy. This way, you’ll be paid if your business is damaged by severe weather or fire, or if someone breaks into your building and steals equipment or inventory. Depending on your location, you may also need to purchase special policies like flood insurance. Business Income Insurance Business income insurance works over…

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    How To Tell if Your Chimney Needs Repaired

    If your home has a natural fireplace, you probably love spending long nights by the fire with your favorite book. However, that first chilly night after a long summer can pose a threat if you haven’t properly maintained your chimney. Even if you have, unexpected damage could be hiding where you can’t see it. Check out these signs that you need repair or new chimney construction Philadelphia PA. You Notice Debris in the Firebox Have you noticed black, crumbling soot in the firebox even though you clean it regularly? It could be creosote, a combustible material that builds up within the chimney and poses a fire hazard. The situation is…

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    3 Work Tasks for Summer

    After a long winter and an uncertain, rainy spring, there’s nothing quite like getting out and about in the summertime. Between vacations and going to the pool, make time for these summertime work tasks.  Yard Work Summer is the busiest season for yard work. Plants are growing like crazy, it’s your job to mow the lawn, prune the things that need pruning, harvest what needs to be harvested all while practicing both terrestrial and aquatic weed control. There are tons of tasks to take care of in your yard but don’t neglect your other maintenance.  Dry Day Work Take advantage of hot days to do tasks that need time to…

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    3 Great Finishing Touches for Kitchen Remodels

    Planning a full kitchen remodel? Don’t forget to add some finishing touches to really set your new space apart. Here are three great tips to keep in mind as you tackle your kitchen renovation. 1. Choose Appropriate Lighting Lighting is a crucial element in setting the mood for any space. Light fixtures are often chosen during the final stages of a kitchen remodel – they are the finishing touches you’ll put on your space. It’s important to choose lighting that fits the overall style of your newly improved kitchen, but you could also have a little fun mixing up styles. You could go classic with farmhouse style lighting, or follow…

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    4 Basic Tips for a Good Crop

    Let’s be honest: Nothing can guarantee a good harvest. Even if you do everything right, there will always be unforeseen difficulties and factors that you cannot control for. The most you can do is prepare for every possible contingency and hope for the best. Some of these contingency plans can get quite advanced. However, it may be helpful to just go over the basics. Therefore, this article is taking a look at some of the fundamentals you need to encourage a good crop. 1. Irrigation As every farmer knows, plants need water to grow. The best case scenario is that your area receives sufficient rainfall to provide the necessary hydration.…

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    Why You Should Hire Professionals for Commercial Roofing

    A roof is a vital element of your commercial property. It protects the entire structure, valuable possessions, and occupants from intruders and weather elements. You should, therefore, hire a roofing company Raleigh NC for inspections, repairs, and maintenance, even if you have in-house maintenance employees. Here are more benefits of engaging professionals for commercial roof repair. Detailed Inspection A roof inspection can be an intricate process that is often best handled by experienced professionals. It involves checking the roofing material and gutters for signs of damage or possible future damage. Roofing contractors should have the skills, tools, equipment, and technology required to identify damaged parts or signs of water beneath…

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