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4 Interior Design Trends That Are Past Their Prime

Home deisgn and decoratin gtredns come and go. Unfortunately, some seem to stay well past their time. Consider these four trends that have passed their prime and are ready for retirement. 

1. Modern Farmhouse Chic

This style, characterized by shiplap and wood plank walls, barn doors, and iron accents, was made popular by a host of DIY home improvement shows. However, most home designers agree that, unless you actually live in a barn, it is better to install a regular door instead of one on rails. If space constraints have you considering a barn door, look into pocket doors as an attractive alternative. 

2. Millenial Pink

While there is some disagreement on what color, exactly, millennial pink is, there is widespread agreement that it is time to leave these varying shades of pale pink behind. If you have whole rooms in your home devoted to this trend, now is a great time to find home painting services Suffolk County NY that can point you toward some new favorites. 

3. Word Art

Words took over the home decorating scene around the turn of the millennium, and they just won’t go away. Designers are now actively encouraging homeowners to give up their favorite sayings as decorations and instead opt for artwork that reflects their personality and complements the design of each room. 

Word art goes beyond framed letters and carved wooden figurines. In fact, you can’t discuss it without bringing up chalkboard paint. With just a few coats you can customize the words you share with others. Or not — which is what most designers agree is a better choice. 

4. Nautical Themes

Blue and white are attractive colors and can make a room feel welcoming and calm. However, decorators want you to resist the urge to dress these otherwise nice colors up with ship wheels, anchors and beach scenes.

If you notice trends like rooms of pink, nautical themes or tons of word art around your home, it may be time to consider a design.

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