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3 Work Tasks for Summer

After a long winter and an uncertain, rainy spring, there’s nothing quite like getting out and about in the summertime. Between vacations and going to the pool, make time for these summertime work tasks. 

Yard Work

Summer is the busiest season for yard work. Plants are growing like crazy, it’s your job to mow the lawn, prune the things that need pruning, harvest what needs to be harvested all while practicing both terrestrial and aquatic weed control. There are tons of tasks to take care of in your yard but don’t neglect your other maintenance. 

Dry Day Work

Take advantage of hot days to do tasks that need time to dry. For example, you might have roof work that needs attention or a large exterior painting task. Brickwork and concrete also need plenty of time to dry, so take advantage of sunny days while you have them. Don’t forget that summer weather can turn quickly, so keep an eye on your forecast and be prepared for sudden storms. 

Storm Proofing Work

Hot summer weather means volatile weather patterns. Thunderstorms are common, and that’s just the beginning. Tornado season peaks earlier in the summer and hurricane season hits in the late summer and early fall. In dry areas, periods of drought are often followed by flash flooding or mudslides, so no matter where you are or what time of the summer it is, it’s never a bad idea to prepare to batten down the hatches and weatherize your house. Research the likely threats, find out how best to guard against them and add those tasks to your summer to-do list. 

Summer is a great time to get work done in the yard and outside. Certain tasks can really only be done while the days are long and the weather is dry. Save these tasks for the summer and enjoy the benefits year-round.